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If you need these forks to be shipped, we will contact you directly.  FYI, shipping these in Europe is usually around 20-30€


From Crust:

Turn whatever frame you want into an ultra-utility cycle-truck. The Clydesdale fork utilizes a 20" front wheel allowing the cargo platform to sit much lower. This lowers the center of gravity making large or heavy loads much easier to manage while riding. Great for courier work, carrying your pets around, or touring with the kitchen sink.

Each fork has a set of canti brake mounts and a disc tab. Get wild, run a duplex lever hooked up to a disc brake and a v-brake.

The platform features 6 bolt holes on the top of it so you can bolt your preferred containment method to it. It could be a basket, a big plastic tub, a milk crate, a post office bin, a sheet of plywood, or whatever. It also has two braze-on's on the front of it to hang a dynamo light. The fork offers all of the necessary braze-ons and bolt holes for a fender as well.

The Clydesdale fork is designed to replace a fork with an axle to crown of ~400mm with about a 72° HT angle and have a level platform. That means any old mountain bike with a non suspension corrected fork, your Crosscheck or Long Haul Trucker, even an Evasion would make for a good match. Basically all of the bikes that seem like a logical choice for a cargo bike usually are. No hard standards here though. If your axle to crown or head tube angle is a little different, not a huge deal, it just means the platform may be slightly out of level.

For those of you looking to throw one on your early 2000's Big Hit:

Ok, so what if your axle-crown measurement is far off from 400mm? Then your head tube angle, seat tube angle, and bottom bracket height are going to change. Generally, frame angles will all change by about 1 degree per 10mm of axle-crown length difference, and your bottom bracket height will change by about 5mm per 10mm axle to crown. If your original fork is longer than 400mm, then the resulting angles with The Cargo Fork installed will be steeper and the bottom bracket will be lower. If your original fork is shorter than 400mm, then the resultant angles with The Cargo Fork installed will be slacker and the bottom bracket will be higher.

The 1" threadless version comes with a 1" threadless headset and a 1" to 1 " shim. That should make it a little easier for you to swap it into your 1" head tube bike that likely has a 1" threaded headset and use a 1 " stem since a 1" threadless stem can be hard to come by. The shim DOES NOT shim a 1 " head tube to 1". If you've got a frame with a 1 " head tube a 1" steerer fork WILL NOT WORK, you have to get the 1 " version.


  • Made in Taiwan using heat treated chromoly
  • Tig Welded
  • Colors- Black
  • Wheel Size- 20" 
  • Axle- 9 x 100mm QR
  • Axle to Crown- Designed to replace a 400mm A-C fork
  • Offset- 42mm
  • Platform Dimensions- 12" L x 11" W (300mm L x 280mm W)
  • Steerer Tube Diameters- 1 ⅛" Threadless or 1" Threadless
  • Steer Tube Length (Uncut)- 340mm
  • Max Rotor Size- 180mm (May clear larger, but haven't made the attempt yet.)
  • Weight- 5lb 10oz (2.5kg)
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