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From Rivendell:


The Roadini is an all-around, all-weather road bike. It gives up nothing to modern extreme bikes on smooth, ideal roads, and is far better in every way when conditions are crappy. It has the classical clearances of the oldies, higher quality overall construction, is more comfortable, and rides like a Rivendell.

The 2022 50 to 61cm frames fit tires up to 42mm, or 38 with a fender.

Frameset comes with an FSA Duron 1" threaded headset and 26.8 Kalloy seapost. 

Full Roadini Geometries: 47cm - XS, 50cm - S, 54cm - M, 57cm - L, 61cm - XL
*This sizing assumes you’re not comfortable on a modern road bike with a “bike shop fit.” But if you’re a young gumby and like lowish bars, you can ride down a size. A Roadini has the bar-height of a much bigger typical modern bike—so it’s more comfortable.

Compatibility: Quill stem, 1-inch threaded headset (30.2 x 26.4), 130mm rear wheel, 31.8 front der., 26.8mm Seat post. The 700c frames require a caliper (or centerpull) with 63mm of reach. The Tektro R559 is a good choice. 

If up to now you’ve avoided road bikes because they’re so weird, extreme, and expensive, now there’s one that isn’t!

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