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From Rivendell:

The Platypus is a versatile, all-around bike for mostly pavement riding with loads from zero to 30 pounds.

It's one of our plushy, cushy, incredibly comfortable long-wheelbasers, and we highly recommend you put an upright bar on it. Let us help you do that.

NO bike is better than the Platypus for zooming and cruising, shopping and commuting and all purpose day-riding on pavement.

The Platypus has plenty of fender room and braze-ons where they need to be, so it's great in the rain, too.

Same with racks. It's not for heavily loaded tours, but racks always come in handy. If you don't want racks, put at least one bag on it. Put the Platypus to work for you. 

The Platypus is arguably the most beautiful bike in our line, and we try so damn hard to make them all beautiful. It's the continuation, and fourth model in our long tradition of mixte frames. It's for all-around road riding with loads up to maybe 30lbs.  

Difference from the Cheviot, its immediate predecessor:

• The Platypus fits V-brakes

• and fits a bigger tire. up to 50mm recommended.

• the chainstays are a bit longer.

• the midsized Platypus, the 55cm, fits 700c wheels.

• it is a current model.

An upright step-through for all

Three sizes—50cm, 55cm, 60cm; Two colors—LimeOlive, Mermaid

PBH's are lightly flexible because of the step-through

50cm (650b)
PBH range 74cm to 81cm
SADDLE HEIGHT 65cm to 70cm.
55cm (700c)
PBH 82 to 87cm
SADDLE HEIGHT 71cm to 76cm.
60cm (700c)
PBH 87 to 96cm
SADDLE HEIGHT 76cm to 85cm.

You can fit a bigger Platypus than a Homer or a Sam or Altantis because there's no top tube to hit your crotch.


Relevant specs:

  • 26.8mm seatpost diameter (included)
  • 135mm rear spacing
  • 28.6 front derailer clamp
  • 68mm BB shell, English Thread
  • Spec'd for v-brakes
  • 1 inch threaded headset (included)
  • Headset, and seat post (26.8) included
  • If you're using cantis, be sure to purchase cable hangers (not included)


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